What does good look like?

Blue-skinned Kali wielding four swords, naked, excepting a necklace fashioned from the shrivelled heads of her vanquished foes.

A Jack Russell frenziedly shredding newly-delivered post.

Some sugar paper scrawled with a child’s crayon drawing of the sun and an unidentifiable quadruped.

An unseemly free-for-all at the brass band rehearsal rooms as festering resentments and long held grudges come to a head.

A Long-horned Black Legionnaire fly drowning in a G&T.

Forty-seven ginger-headed sailors coming home across the briny sea.

Queasy guests clutching champagne flutes and refusing canapés at a Captain’s reception on a Baltic cruise liner quarterdeck.  

Lesser angels at the Last Judgement sorting the damned from the elect.

The Guardbridge paper mill on July 25th, 2008, as seen from the airbase at Leuchars.

A colony of bioluminescent tube worms in an abyssal Pacific trench secreting feeding mucus.

The expression of a slasher movie sequel teen coming to an appreciation that he may, perhaps, have spoken too soon.

Fields of unharvested turnips, gone to seed, on a humid, hazy August afternoon.

An exhausted and absentminded deacon, called from his home in the small hours, fluffing the last rites. 

A Croc Clog stamping on a human face for a fortnight.